Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun!

2 Days! In about 48 hours, my boys take on LSU in New Orleans for the National title! I am off work, the fridge is stocked with game-day foods, and I am ready to go. But I am pissed. It would seem that Ohio State has been labeled the Underdog for this game. I am so, so tired of it. I have heard that we don't belong in the championship again. Why? We have lost one season game in 2 years. And out of the past 32 games my boys have played, they lost 2, one of which was last year's title game. How could they not belong there? Because they aren't an SEC school? And from what I read, the boys are gearing up for the big game way differently than they did last year. It would seem that my boy JT gave the guys weeks off before the big one last year, and they didn't perform when the time came. Everything is different this time around, from their practice schedule to the opinion of them going into the game. But whomever is labeling the boys in scarlet and gray the "Underdog" needs to be careful. America loves an underdog, and underdogs have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass. So.... Please, boys, do not let me down again this year! Go Bucks!

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