Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christian Siriano for President! (As Part of the Fabulous Party!)

I love this guy. From Project Runway. I have even gotten my husband addicted to the show, and he thinks Christian is hilarious. If you have not watched the show, you can find it on Bravo, and you MUST watch. Seriously.

There have been some awesome designs that have come from the show, and I got addicted to it in its third season. Then I started seeing all of the reruns from previous seasons. But Christian Siriano by far stood out for me. Everything he touches is fabulous. And he has this knack for making all of the others' designs look like amateur home economics projects from high school. Don't ask...I never took a home economics class in my life. I was the geek who chose advanced physics or one of the chemistry classes. As a result, I cannot even sew a button on a blouse. If that happens, I will just throw the blouse away. Haha. So I need guys like this! Christan should run for President!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

So I am wondering if I could look at this every day. More later as far as explanations go.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slow Starter

I have had this book for ages. I have heard all of these reviews that the book was so awesome, but everytime I would sit down and attempt to read it, I would get bored with the first chapter, and never finish.
Well, I finally forced myself to push through my initial boredom and finish the book. I only had to push so far when I fell into it. The author, Hosseini, truly has a gift, and the story was very moving.
Up until I read the book, I had a vague idea about the turmoil that has been plaguing Afghanistan. After reading the story, I had this thirst for more information, and it prompted me to do some digging on Shi'a and Sunni muslims. And I am more against the Taliban than I was before. I used to just think "Yeah, they are the $%^& 's behind 9/11." And so, as an American, I wanted us to hit them hard. But now more than ever, I have a renewed sense of the purpose behind Operation Enduring Freedom. We truly should be there. I still am not sure about Iraq, but Afghanistan? Definitely.
So if you have not read The Kite Runner, do so immediately. I rank it up there with The Namesake and The Time Traveler's Wife as one of the greatest books I have read.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Okay, so it has been quite awhile. What is going on? Nothing. Working like crazy, trying to keep the husband motivated. Trying to keep myself motivated. Looking for a new job to supplement the existing job. Or a really sweet fulltime offer that is substantial enough to stand alone. The bossman decided to give my weekend option schedule to someone with more seniority. So I am receiving a hefty pay cut as I join the weekday ranks like a normal person.
Completely not opposed to just getting the hell away. Part of me is tempted to just find a place that neither of us has lived before, and starting fresh on our own. I hated Kentucky, where John was raised. John hates Indiana, where I spent some years with my family. So John prompted me to apply for a job in Chi-Town. It sounds pretty sweet, and I would not be deprived of the things I crave, of which my husband has no understanding. (I.E. Museums, Galleries, upper crust shopping, DIVERSITY.) I just don't want to be in the country. I am not cut out for country life. Gimme a brownstone on a city street anyday. I don't need a lawn. I'm allergic to grass for crying out loud!
So other than these things, nothing is going on. I started a training program for swimming. It involves weight training, swimming, cardio, and nutrition. The first week, I lost 12 pounds. I fell off the wagon so hard that I bounced though over the past couple of weeks.
Just gotta pick myself up.
Okay, more when I have something interesting to discuss.