Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christian Siriano for President! (As Part of the Fabulous Party!)

I love this guy. From Project Runway. I have even gotten my husband addicted to the show, and he thinks Christian is hilarious. If you have not watched the show, you can find it on Bravo, and you MUST watch. Seriously.

There have been some awesome designs that have come from the show, and I got addicted to it in its third season. Then I started seeing all of the reruns from previous seasons. But Christian Siriano by far stood out for me. Everything he touches is fabulous. And he has this knack for making all of the others' designs look like amateur home economics projects from high school. Don't ask...I never took a home economics class in my life. I was the geek who chose advanced physics or one of the chemistry classes. As a result, I cannot even sew a button on a blouse. If that happens, I will just throw the blouse away. Haha. So I need guys like this! Christan should run for President!

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