Friday, March 6, 2009

They Said No

I am still sick, of course. Very sick.

Well, we have this policy at work that in the event that someone is called off of work due to overstaffing, you can indicate that you would like to be the one by placing a big red dot by your name on the schedule. It says to the world that, hey, I am a team player and did not call in, but if you are going to send someone home, please let it be me.

I called my supervisor, realizing there was a snowball's chance in Hell that anyone would be called off, to have her red-dot my name. Ha! Hahaha! Let's just say, I got a lecture and am now off of work tonight. As it turns out, several of my coworkers are off from the same thing, one of which has pneumonia. 10 bucks says we all got it from the same patient. "I really don't need you here in that condition." Grrrrrr. While it is very true that I now have an entire day off of work, I hate it. I hate doing this to my coworkers, making them work their arses off to cover for my absence.

In the meantime, I found out something interesting. Each and every day I report to work, I find myself adjusting to the difference between this place and my previous employer. Other employees grumble about the place, but I know better because I have seen firsthand that there is worse out there. Much worse. This place actually takes care of its employees. But here is another difference I discovered: if you are ill for whatever reason, and it is something that is deemed contagious by your doctor, so long as they document it in writing and you report it to employee health, the absence cannot count against you. Fabulous. I only miss work when I am physically unable to work due to illness. I missed a couple months back because I had this horrendous stomach virus, for example, and was unable to get out of bed.

I have made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. I really hope I have nothing but the flu. But I cannot breathe. I see a chest x-ray in my future.

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