Friday, May 1, 2009

2 Less Teeth

I let them do it. I was nervous, and it was a good thing that the sedative works quickly or I would have probably chickened out on this. I looked the surgeon square in the face and asked if he was "prepared for an airway emergency". He gave the nurse the "Do you believe this one" look, to which I responded, "Hey, you know what I do for a living, right?" After that, the last thing I remember is him telling me about the patient he had to trach in the chair. Next thing I know, I am awake and giggling uncontrollably, and the wisdom teeth are gone. Apparently Versed is to blame for the giggles, though I have never seen it have that effect on any of my patients.
Everyone has told me how painful it is to have these boogers removed. I have been pretty sore and not feeling well because I have been taking a low-dose narcotic painkiller. But I have refrained from those for over 24 hours, and now I am feeling the aftermath. But to be honest, after the pain I was having before they were removed, I think this is an improvement. Plus I have the psychological benefit of knowing that I have no more wisdom teeth to cause any problems. All 4 are gone now. I just know that the plan is to work tonight, and I want nothing in my system for that. I have bought a fricken enormous bottle of ibuprofen just for work. I still cannot eat solid foods though. That's okay. The hospital cafeteria has a wealth of frozen yogurts and Jell-O, soups, puddings, etc., to choose from. I'll be a-okay.

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