Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wardrobe Problem?

Okay.....My husband is one of those guys who will just throw on anything that is clean and hit the door. Sometimes this results in mismatches, or he will lift his arm in public and see a hole in the underarm or something equally embarrassing. I try to remove these items from circulation while doing his laundry, but am human and sometimes miss things.
So we are getting ready to leave to go and meet with his recruiter. I am frazzled, as I have an interview and am trying to make sure I have all that I need, so I do not pay any attention to what he is wearing. I know he does not look like a bum, as I would have noticed this.
We get to the recruiter's office, and all of the guys start commenting on what an ugly shirt he is wearing. I look and see he has a Marine Corps tee on with his jeans. To an Army recruiter's office!
The recruiters were teasing him, and told him he was not to wear it anymore, handing him an Army tee. He changed.
On another note, after a follow-up telephone conversation, it would seem all systems are go for the Army.

On a completely different note: I love this song, and have been singing it in my head all day. Just an FYI.

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