Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buzzed to Death

I am so irritated. No one in this house slept much this last night. Our washer and dryer hook-ups are in the basement. Our upstairs neighbors were doing laundry late last night and had the buzzers set. Fine, right? Nope. Their machines do the same thing mine do. That is, they will buzz every five minutes until someone either comes and turns them off or gets the laundry or restarts them. But the thing is, the walls here are thin. So I have my buzzers turned off because we are liable to be doing a load of towels or jeans or scrubs at any given time. Apparently they have the same problem, but they are upstairs and do not realize that when their buzzer goes off, my entire apartment vibrates, the kid wakes up, and the dog starts wailing. Maybe I should leave them a note.

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