Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stupidity Runs Rampant.

This time, I am the stupid one.

I simply had to pee. I go into the massive women's room in the same building as my chemistry class. My Zune is in the little froint compartment of my backpack, which is zipped. My earbud cords are hanging out because they are usually in my ears as I am walking about campus.

My backpack is massive. Heavy. My biology text, by itself, weighs 11 pounds. Then you add the chemistry text (5 lbs.), a spiral notebook for each subject, a binder (stuffed to capacity) for each subject, a couple of lab manuals, and any other necessity I have in there to get me through a day on campus. To say the backpack weighs 100 lbs. is probably not much of a stretch. And when it is strapped on my back, fitting into a stall in the women's room is not possible. I don't want to take it off and set in on the floor in the stall. Ick!

I ignore the big signs from campus police that plainly state to keep all of your things with you in the restroom. I ditch my bag under the paper towel dispenser, and handle my business.

I return to find the front zipper compartment of my backpack completely open, with contents spilling out. Most noticeably, no Zune.

I cannot blame anyone but myself. Now I have another cheapy mp3 player that I had to buy to replace the cute pink Zune I just got.


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