Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quit Yer Whinin'!

I am sick, sick, sick and tired, tired, tired, tired of the crap! BCS standings are to be released on Monday, and being that my Buckeyes have yet to fall, the consensus is that they will be ranked number one again this year. Numeral Uno. But what does everyone have to say about this? "They haven't played a real schedule yet!" or "They would never make it in the SEC."

Whatever! When Ohio State lost the Big Game at the end of the 2006 season, I cried a little. No, let me correct myself: I wept. They played like sheer crap, so the loss would have been easier to handle had they brought their A Game. They did not, and thus Florida deserved to win. I did not start spewing garbage about how the matchup was unfair or give excuses for why my boys lost.

Now, in the tumultuous world of college football, with all of the top teams toppling, I am hearing an overabundance of this garbage from others. "They were at their weakest point." Blah, blah, blah. Your team lost, People! Get over it. Ohio State has been the most consistent team out there so far this year. No they have not completed their Big 10 games. I guess that makes them inadequate. How dare them to not have control over the way the season schedule falls! They must be inferior because they have to wait for the conference games.

Just wait! The Big 10 games are coming up. My Buckeyes are primed and ready, pumped by a thus far undefeated season. Ready to go! Get over yourselves and your team's inadequacy. Stop the whining. This is football, for crying out loud. Let the chips fall, then we will talk.


Darrell said...

Becuase you know your going down when the big "M" comes to town!

Andi said...

Ha! Never. LOL