Thursday, April 23, 2009

WTF Was That? Only Me!

Seriously. This is not a joke. I am up, studying for my chemistry exam, when late night hunger sets in. I send John to get some food. The restauraunt shall remain nameless. He comes back and we start to scarf. I go to unwrap my taco, and notice the outside of the taco shell is moist. I figure it is just steam from the hot taco being in the wrapper. I take a bite, and my mouth fills with the taste of something soapy or perfumey. I start to investigate further, thinking that surely my mind is playing tricks on me. But the wrappy smells like someone sprayed it with cologne. So John gets on the phone to call the restauraunt, and speaks to the manager. We just want to know what sort of chemical I just ingested. The manager gets rude with John, then offers to replace the food. He told her again that we just wanted to know what it could have been. Was someone cleaning before they made my food? Had someone just put on cologne or washed their hands and had soap residue on them? WTF did I eat???? She continued to be rude to John, so we had no choice but to call another store with which they were affiliated. I end up with the cell number of the general manager, who was very sweet. But we still do not know what it is that was on the damned taco. I just no that I can still taste it in my mouth, and it is making me queasy. And I don't know if it was something benign or something poisonous. If there is never another post on this blog, you know I was poisoned by the perfumey taco!

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