Sunday, May 4, 2008

Code Moron

Is there any wonder why I have a problem with these morons? This is kind of old news, but John and I stumbled upon this video on You Tube yesterday afternoon, and I have not been able to get it out of my head. I thought about blogging about this long and hard, because I do not want to give tham any more of an audience for their idiotic ideas and notions.
But apparently, my husband is a war criminal, according to them. This all stemmed from the Marine Corps Recruiting office in Berkely, California. They feel that the recruiter should not be in their town. That they are war mongers and are there solely to corrupt the young people of the community. City officials actually agreed with them, and went so far to state that the Marine Corps is unwelcome, and if they choose to stay there, are doing so as uninvited guests.
Berkely does not want our Marines present? Marines are war criminals? Then perhaps the morons in Berkely and these Code Pink bitches don't deserve the very liberties our Beloved Marine Corps provides us all as Americans. It makes me ashamed to be female. And I love the color pink, but now I am tempted to ban the color from any aspect of my life. It's a shame, really.
To be able to say one disagrees with the war is a right we have in our country. But to attempt to impede any branch of the Armed Forces from recruiting? That is, in my opinion, the equivalent of saying that we should not have a military at all. To say we should not have a military at all brings the word "anarchy" to mind. Without our men and women in uniform, and the cajones to put them into action, we might as well form the U.S. into an enormous target. Is this what these women want???
I never pictured myself to be so blindly patriotic that I could not identify the flaws in our system, in our government. I have that right. My husband put his arse on the line to allow that. But I would never dream to insult our heroes. I would support their efforts and presence in my community.
In a way I feel sorry for these women. Are they really so ignorant that they don't realize that the reason they are able to sleep peacefully at night is because somewhere there is a Marine standing guard?
Shame on you Code Pink. Shame on you Berkely. You do NOT deserve my husband.

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