Friday, May 16, 2008

One Step Closer

We got a call this past Monday that the commanding officer for the company needed to meet with John regarding his waiver, and that afternoon was the only day he had free. So as soon as Evan was home from school, all three of us rushed to Indianapolis to meet with him. It was very intimidating. We ended up on this old military installation filled to the brim with beautiful old buildings, all immaculately kept. Every single one of them was named after a general.

As we were led by John's recruiter up some stairs to cut through some offices, Evan got scared and asked if I would hold his hand. I think this was mostly because it was later in the day and the lights were dimmed throughout much of the building. Right about the time he said this, I looked up and noticed "U.S. Marines" on the wall in huge brass letters. I looked down at him and told him we were most likely in one of the safest buildings in the country. Ha!

But anyhow....The CO was a really nice guy. He made us feel at ease. He had the whole family come into his office, and it was really informal. He said he would be glad to sign off on the waiver, that he was ready to "get this done". So that part is over. Now the waiver will go to the desk of a general we will not meet, and John's future in the military will rest in his hands.

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