Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our First Night Away From Each Other

John's recruiter called a few days ago. He is picking John up and taking him to MEPS for his physical on Wednesday night of this coming week. He'll spend the night in a hotel and come home on Thursday evening after a day there This is normally where the swearing in takes place, and the official contract is signed. John's waiver is still in the process of being approved, so I don't know if he will be taking part in this portion of the process. They could wait on the waiver. Then again, they could have him go through it, so that when the waiver is finished, he will be ready to go.
Either way I am sad. We have been going through this reenlistment process for so long, and now we are finally here. He's within body standards. The paperwork is all completed, and the deal is all but finished. MEPS was the last gray area, and that is being covered this week. Almost done.

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