Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Laziness= Me

Blee-blee-Do-da Blah-blah-blah......
Guess what? I have done nothing today other than the crying jag just completed about 2 minutes ago. I am not even cooking dinner, as our neighbors have decided that tonight is a communal taco night. So when they get home from their daughter's soccer practice, I am going to be consuming other people's food.

I have not cleaned.

I have not done laundry.

I can't even remember if I brushed my hair, though I distinctly remember taking a shower and pulling it back.

My husband is leaving tomorrow. He may come back as a committed US Soldier.

So I could not care less if the laundry is done.

Or the house is clean.

All I care about at this point in time is absorbing all of John that I can while he is here by my side. While I can still hear him breathe as we fall asleep together at night. While I can still feel his strong arm's around me and the beat of his heart while we cuddle up to a movie. I feel like my breath is being taken from me. The mundane details will have to wait.

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