Friday, October 17, 2008

I Hate Fridays

Nope, not that kind. The actual day of the week, before Saturday and after Thursday. I hate those. That is my Monday. But better yet, I cannot sleep like I should when going into work for one of those long nights. I maintain a first-shift schedule all through the week by keeping appointments, running errands, and attending school functions and meetings for Evan. When Friday hits, and I actually slept like a normal preson the night before, I just cannot close my eyes and drift off. I have tried everything and none of it works for me. Poor John has even tried playing with my hair, giving me massages. Anything to help me relax so I can drift off to dreamland. Perfect example: Here I am now, blogging about the need to sleep on Friday, when I should, in fact, be sleeping. Grrrr.

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