Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I had all of these plans for today. I worked very hard over the weekend, racking up some overtime. Today, I was supposed to catch up on laundry and make the to-do list shrink a little. Instead I have slept most of the day. Okay, more like the whole day. It is almost 3 pm and I just woke up. Blah.

It would seem we are moving again. This time we actually have found a place in Cincinnati, and I am excited to go back home. There is just so much to do. It really is crazy. This time, we are hiring a moving company to do the job. I already have a job there, as you know. But we are moving downtown, and there is no way my beautiful gifted child will be attending inner city schools, so we have an appointment next week to meet with the powers that be to get him going at the local private school.

As for the house? Beautiful. If you like the shiny new look, you will prefer the hose we are now in. But this one we are moving to? 10 ft. high ceilings, a fireplace in every room, pocket doors and deep windows. Hardwood floors and enormous rooms. We love it. I cannot wait to get to the life we had before we moved down South years ago. To get Evan away from this crazy school he is attending. To not have to leave for work 2 hours before I am scheduled to be there.

More later. I am going back to sleep.

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