Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is the man. John and I have been watching the Olympics since they started, and being a swimmer, is it any wonder what my favorite event category is? But Michael Phelps! Whew. The guy was my hero long before the Olympics started, and I am sure that he has gained some new followers with his performance in Beijing. I am in no manner comparing myself to him, but watching reminded me of what I was once capable of in the water. I have found myself wanting to step it up in the pool recently and have been swimming as much as 70 laps a day. Not much, but considering I haven't really swam competitively since high school, I think it is a great start. I need to work out the upper body though. I have found that my stroke is not as powerful as it once was, so I went and bought some force gloves, and we will see what that does. The kick is still good. I cannot wait to try them out in the morning.

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