Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Start

So I had this blog and all was right with the world. I found I was able to keep up with it, that I actually enjoyed updating it several times per week. But then my life went all topsy-turvy on me. My husband had decided he wanted to reenlist in the military, and my son and I went through a long process of wondering when the other shoe would drop. Thanks to awful recruiters, that never happened, although he did get pretty close.

So what happened to make me abandon the blog? Well, I was told something horrendous, and while it sounds laughable, it is entirely true. I was told there was a tumor in my brain. I lost my job in the process and my family hit rock-bottom. The hard drive died in yet another computer (A series of 3 to be precise), and when you are struggling to meet the simplest of needs, that is simply not a priority.

Here we are, just 4 months later, and my family is on its way back up. Obviously, the computer has been replaced. My husband is staying by my side, my son continues to thrive. I have replaced the crappy employer with another that is actually vastly more desirable. I even bought a new car. So it just seems appropriate that I should start a new blog. A link to the old blog, Constant Upheaval, is to the left. But anyhow, here I go again. I can't stand the newness of this one just yet. It is one of my many neuroses. So I am expecting to come up with several posts to let you know who I am, and also to get some posts under my belt. I mean, face it, just one is pathetic, right?

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