Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Car

This is what I bought. And it took a small fortune to fill the tank, so I am regretting my decision. I love the way it rides though. I am just used to very small cars. So there is a funny story to go along with this. The day after I bought the SUV, I went to fill up. Well I wasn't sure which side the gas tank was on, so I stopped and looked. Okay, passenger side. No biggie. So I head to the gas station. And it is packed. There is one space empty, so I maneuver the enormous thing around, and start to pull in. But I cannot see where I am in relation to the pump. I started to back up and reposition the car, but then though "What the hell, I am going to take out a gas pump." So I just left. John wasn't home, so I begged my neighbor, Jon, to go and get some gas in my car. Yes, I am a dork.

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