Monday, August 25, 2008

Riverfest is Coming!

WTF is Riverfest? Well every year, Cincinnatians like myself celebrate Labor Day weekend in style. And others show up from elsewhere also. But it is a Cincinnati thing, and it happens every year.

Well the thing is, this is almost surreal for me this year. We have survived hell. Poverty. A brain tumor. The last year I was there for the WEBN Fireworks was the year before Evan was born. Well, Evan was born at 12:05 AM as the calender switched from August 31st to September 1st 7 years ago. This year his birthday just happens to coincide with the fireworks, and we are going. On the 4th of July this summer, Evan was heartbroken because we did not have the money to purchase fireworks, as we were still trying to recover from the financial aftermath of the brain tumor. He watched the neighbors letting theirs off in the distance, and it broke my heart. John and I told him to wait until his birthday, that he would then see the most phenomenal fireworks display and party I have ever seen. That all of the other kids will be at boring family picnics while he is there. And on his Birthday of all days.

But the firworks also coincide with my homecoming. What better way to celebrate my return to my hometown? I am so ready!

In the meantime, here is last year's celebration.

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