Monday, September 17, 2007

Dog Bowls and Napkins?

So we were online looking at the uniforms of various branches of the Armed Forces....John is spoiled after wearing the coveted "Dress Blues" of his beloved Corps. Is there a better-looking, more dashing uniform in the realm of military life anywhere in the world? I highly doubt it!

So we get to the picture of the Navy and he exclaimed, "Look, they have Dogbowls on their heads and napkins pinned on the back of their necks!" Don't get us wrong....The uniform of any of the US Armed Forces is to be revered because it represents the United States. He will wear the Navy uniform with as much pride as he did those of the Corps. I just found his statement amusing...That and the fact that he will look like Cracker Jack! We have to get him the little dog to go along with the uniform!

I am saying this all tongue-in-cheek. I am sure he will be dashing and beautiful as a U.S. Sailor! I cannot wait to see it.

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