Thursday, September 20, 2007


The powers that be in the Navy have given John 2 targets to shoot for when losing weight. He hit the first target over a week ago. This one was the best-case scenario for John. The second target? He only has to lose 0.5 inches off of his waist or gain 0.5 inches on his neck to make it.

If he is meeting the strictest guideline, there is no way he is not going to make it.

I am starting to panic now. I mean really panic.

He meets the recruiter next Friday. It will go either one of two ways. He wants a postion at Corps School, so it may take a while to get him in, as these openings fill up very quickly. But the fact that he does not have to go through boot camp means that he will be available to leave when the first slot opens, even if it is at the last minute. He will have a 2 week "refresher", whatever that is.

I guess I am trying to say that these posts are about to get a whole lot more depressing. The wheels are turning and I can't stop them now. Navy, here we come!


CB said...

Hope I was able to calm you down some last night. Thanks for the comment on the new blog. Keep me posted on how John does with the tape over the week.

Andi said...

Hey cb (breaker breaker. haha!)
He has lost 1.5 inches in the past 3 days, so he is still plugging away at it! Yes you helped tremendously. I appreciate everything! And I see you found my blog!