Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Incredible Shrinking Husband

A day in his life: Breakfast= 1 apple, Lunch= tuna, Dinner= a salad, small piece of baked, boneless, skinless chicken breast.

PT.....More PT. Measure.

Civilian life and my homemade lasagna have made him soft and squishy in areas that he does NOT think are cute. A month ago, our good ol' Uncle Sam told him that he must lose weight to join the ranks. So he started this regimen. And he kept it up. He has, since the start of it all, lost thirty pounds and 6 inches off of his waist. And he continues to shrink. He now meets the body composition guidelines to re-up, but he continues to work at it, to get into the best shape that he can because he will not be going through boot camp. The Navy is recognizing his USMC boot camp. After all, if you can survive Marine Corps boot camp, is there a boot camp out there that you cannot breeze through?

I am so proud of him....his devotion and discipline. And let's face it: Damn! My husband looks good.

The picture to the right is an old picture of him. Just wait until I post the "After" shot!

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