Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 In a Row For the First Time

My boys did exactly what they were supposed to do today. The first quarter scared me just a bit. But they smashed those asses from Michigan once again. This makes our streak against the Armpit of America 5 years running. It's great to be a Buckeye, especially today.

I must admit some sadness as we face losing Laurinaitis. He has been my favorite for years.

Here are some of the statements shouted during the game in my living room:

"Run, Beanie, Run!!!!"
"Bye Rodriguez." (John hates losing to OSU!)
"Who has the ball? Who has the ball???? Is that Morgan Freeman? Oh wait...He's an actor! I meant Marcus Freeman!"
"They missed the field goal???? They can't even make a field goal??? It's right there!"
"Andrea, they cannot hear you through the damned television!"

Again, I leaked around the orbitals just a bit. John hates losing to OSU, and therefore to me. But I sure do love when my boys beat Michigan!

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