Friday, November 14, 2008

How Do I Feel About This? A Loaded Question

If I say I hate it, I am a bigot, a raceist. a white supremacist. If I say I love it, I am going against anything I have said thus far. So that makes me a liar, a hypocrite. What if I say I have mixed feelings? Does that make me a chicken? A fence-rider?

I don't feel like any of those titles. So instead, I will stick my neck out and say I was not pleased with our nation's choice of leader. I still doubt he will do all he says. And I am scared for the future of my family in a share-the-wealth America. I donate to charity, and I pay a ton in taxes. I do my part. But I do not feel I should have to the share what I earn with individuals who will not get out and even attempt to improve their lives. So I am scared.

There really are a few points of Obama's election that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling. I love that our nation has reached the point of being able to elect an African American POTUS. Progress is beautiful.

I also was quite impressed with our President Elect's address the following day, when our economy is chaos. It was what we naysayers needed to see.

My guy lost. And I am scared, but I guess I may have to just wait and see what Obama has in store for us. I hope all of the hype will not turn out to be an elaborate way of smack-talk.

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