Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sicko Ballot

This is the greatest day to be American. Our day where we all do the same thing, complete the same action by voting, to choose our leader. I mentioned this to my Marine husband, fully expecting agreement from him. After all, he is one of the many who fought for my right to do what I am about to do. But his reply was this : "The SuperBowl is the greatest day to be American!" Not quite what I had in mind. Maybe the BCS Championship would run a distant second in my book. But definitely not the Super Bowl.

So I am schlepping my arse to cast my vote. I would not dream of not voting. I have voted in every presidential election since the day I turned 18. And yes, I voted for W. Both times. Not my proudest point. The first time was a gimme. The second time, I wanted to give him a chance to straighten out the Iraq War. But after 4 years, it is time for another guy to have a chance at it. McCain, you're up.

And I'm sick. I mean sick. I am pretty sure I have been visited by influenza early in the year. It started a week ago with mild sinus symptoms. One of the ER docs wrote for an antibiotic, which I waited to fill, assuming it would go away. A week later, the same symptoms are there, but actually worse. Plus I keep developing low-grade fevers, having chills, then breaking into horrific sweats. I ache all over, and my nose will not quit for anything.

But dammit, I am voting. Let's just hope the local Senior circuit has had their flu shots.

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