Friday, December 12, 2008

100% Psychsomatic

I have worked a great deal in the past week, leaving my poor body to ache in places it never has before. At the end of the hellish week, my tibia was killing me, right below the knee. I did not know what the hell was going on, but was not concerned because it went away with rest that only 3 days off in a row could provide.
So yesterday, I am getting undressed to take a shower, and I see it: A huge black bruise on the very area that was hurting. The diameter of this thing is about 4 inches, no joke! I don't remember running into anything or bumping it in any way. All I know is that it hurt, and now there is this.Well, with this realization came this new problem: all of the sudden, it hurts again. I just know it is because I now know it is there. If I never would have seen it, I would have been fine.I have gone completely nutso.

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