Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still I Stand

I bought T.I.'s new disc, Paper Trail, and I am skimming through the songs on the stereo in the car as we are driving through downtown Cincinnati last week in preparation for the move. It was supposed to be lightweight jams. Imagine my surprise to find my cheeks wet with tears over a rap song. I have survived a lot in my brief time on this planet. The most difficult of these obstacles were before the age of 21. Losing my mother, my brother, and more...(I cannot go into the detail of the "more". Just know that I could tell you a story that would make your skin crawl, but to tell it wold mean I would have to relive it in a way I am not able to do right now in my life.) The brain tumor that occurred earlier in 2008 is nothing compared to some of the other obstacles.
So I hear this song, and it gives me chills and makes me cry. So here it is.

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