Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can't Wait

....For this. Okay, so maybe some background info is needed here. About 2 years ago, my squishy self decided I wanted to make my great return to the pool since almost a decade earlier. At first it was terrible, providing me a heart-wrenching blow to my ego. We all relive our glory days, knowing, just knowing, that, should we choose to return to our sport, we could pick up right where we left off. But I did return, only to find that I could barely swim 25M without looking like I was drowning. Thanks to a lifeguard at the YMCA, I kept up and by last summer, I was swimming over 70 laps, sometimes twice a day. I didn't lose weight, but I sure felt better.
I kept swimming anywhere I could...The YMCA lap lanes, the community pool. Some of it was comical. Picture me in full garb: competition suit, cap, goggles, force gloves. Surrounded by senior citizens who do not want their hair to get wet and small children with their mommies. I will never, ever forget the old man who said to me "Nice rack, sweetheart" as I waited for him to quit floating in my lap lane.
So this link, the one I provided at the start of this post, is the University of Cincinnati Recreation Center's pools. Yes, the plural was intentional. And they shall be mine, all mine because access is free to students. I have the greatest intentions. I can see swimming laps after class before heading home. Add this to my work routine and study schedule, but do not ask me when I plan on sleeping. I haven't figured that part out yet. You can add that one to the Questions-Not-To-Be-Asked List, right along with this one: Andrea, where are you going to get the courage to parade around in a swimsuit amidst 18-22 year old girls??? I don't want to think of that one either, as I have no answer other than that the sweats and tee will stay on all the way until I am completely submerged.
But in the meantime, this all shall be mine. All 50 sparkling meters of chlorinated excellence. In the words of my hubby: "OooooRAHHHHHH!"

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