Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 5 or Day 6??????

Hell, I don't know anymore. I know I am never ever signing up for this many shifts in a row again. I realize that as I hit med school and a ghastly residency I may be forced to do this. But for now, I do not have to. So I am here, at work, sitting at the computer in my little cubby of the ER, waiting for my pager to go insane and debating on whether to go to the gift shop and buy the latest Cosmo or if I should be doing some organizational tasks to prepare myself for the pre-Med Hell that begins one week from Monday. Uh-oh....Pager went off.....Inhaler instruction with a spacer.

So Anyhow...Class starts January 5th. Somehow I managed to end up in a little Chemistry marathon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between the lecture, lab, and recitation. Monday and Wednesday are reserved for Calculus, which I have not touched since I was a senior in high school, circa 1995. Monday and Wednesday nights are my biology nights, which should be easy for me. Yes, I actually think biology is fun. For me, the Krebs cycle is as much fun as shopping. I threw a history course in there somewhere, but I forget where. I knew UC would expect me to take something other than my science courses. They actually expect me to be well-rounded. Ha!

How am I going to do this with work? Good question! It's really too bad that I do not work at the other campus of this hospital. The RT's there maily just sit, read, play on the computer, watch movies in-between doing an occassional EKG or nebulizer treatment. They rarely touch a critical care patient because those patients are all sent to us here. There was actually even one situation where an ambulance picked up a patient who went down in their ER parking lot and brought the patient here instead of taking them there first. My point is that there, I would have alll of the time in the world to study. But the clencher is that I would be bored to tears and any critical care skills I have would go completely soft. Plus, here, I rub elbows with some individuals who could potentially write some very impressive letters of recommendations here in a year or so. In other words, I'll keep my job.

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