Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Took the Plunge...

I bought the car. I test drove a Gently Used 2007 Caliber. The problem is Dodge only puts a 36 month bumper-to-bumper warranty on their cars. So the used car had about 11K miles left on the warranty. I eat 11K miles for breakfast. And the power train warranty they advertise is for original owners only. Translation: Not it! So I get the figures on the used and the new. And I crunch them a little. If I added a warranty to the used car, it will solve one problem. The used one is also very close to being a base model. No bells and whistles. The new model comes with it all: fully loaded, Sirius radio for one year, roadside assistance, etc. And the price difference for all of these added featurs, a better engine, 2-year newer model? Only $2200. And the warranty? Holy Crappola! Here is the convo:

Salesman: "You'll get the lifetime powertrain warranty..."
Me: "Okay so 100K miles worth of not worrying about the engine. Nice."
Salesman: " No, Lifetime."
Me: "Yes but a car's lifetime is 100K."
Salesman: "No, it will not matter if the car has 500K miles on it. The powertrain is covered as long as you own the vehicle."
Me: "Holy shit!"

I bought the car.2009 model. Sunburst Orange, which is all shiny and pretty. I love it. It fits me perfectly, has all the features I could want in a vehicle. It had 23 miles on it when I pulled off the lot. If what I hear is true, it is now worth half of what I paid, less than 24 hours later. And because I bank with, and purchased the vehicle through my employer's credit union, my monthly payment is divided up amongst each payday, and will be deducted by the fine payroll people before I even have access to it. I had to go to the credit union and sign the loan paperwork after I had taken delivery of the vehicle, and then had to return to the dealership with a check. I swear, when I handed that check over to the business manager at the dealership, I could feel a portion of my pay disappearing each payday for the next 4 years. Ahhhhhh, the joys of financial responsibility.

John and Evan like it. At first, I don't think John was too thrilled about the choice in color. But I have received many compliments on it from others. Now, a day later, he says he loves the color, that it grew on him.

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