Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008: Evan's Spelling Reward

Evan got a perfect score on his spelling test today! Yay! And you can even read the words he spelled. So I was going to get him a reward of some type. Nothing big. The brat just had his birthday, for which he received expensive big-boy gifts (MP3 player, digital camera, new bike, not-the-cheap-one scooter, etc.) So I asked what he wants. “Webkinz”, he says. Wtf is a WEBKINZ?????? Apparently, all the kids have at least one, except for poor, deprived Evan. Nevermind the details. That’s what he wants, so I have to find it. But Wally World doesn’t have it. And the nearest Toys’R’Us is an hour away. And I have to be at work in 2 hours. What does a resourceful mother do? I tell my child that he will have to wait for the reward for his effort until Mommy can locate and purchase this thing, whatever it is.
But then I am at the gift shop in the hospital where I work, 2 hours later. I am buying my requisite Diet Coke and single-scoop Graeter’s Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk ice cream, as if the lack of calories and sugar in one negates the other. And I see this colorful sign. And it says “Webkinz Sold Here” !!!!!!!!!! I found them. At WORK! And they are ugly. Again, what Evan wants…..
So I buy one for his reward, and then I buy another to make up for the fact that he has to wait until the next day for the reward. The Seal, and the Pug. I finish my grueling 12 at work, and I come home with the gift shop bag to present it to my son. I am sure he is going to be pleased. I found the damned things, right? And I bought him 2, not just one that he asked for. And he uses the manners I have instilled in him, and he thanks me for the gifts. Then he sits the sought-after ugly things on his window sill. Apparently it was not such a joyful event for him without internet. So he’ll still have to wait another week to get the full effect. Mommy can do nothing to fix that one. It’s ordered.
Ta-Da! The joys of raising a spoiled child!

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