Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Rant About Jealousy

Before you click "play" on this video, I have to give you some background info. Over the Summer of Hell, when John, Evan and I were all struggling, we had some neighbors (Not you, Jon and Trish!) who acted as if they were our best friends. They would bring their children over to our house to play, come over nightly to play cards, etc. But then I started working again, and it all stopped. But not only did all of that stop, but then these rumors started flying around about me. It became an awful mess of childish craziness. I could not put my finger on what I had done to these people. I racked my brain for that answer, and the only event I can trace the change back to was the start of my job. We were poor for 3 months, and that was great. But then I am making money again. Putting my life back together. We moved into this house, and I catch them walking by here all the time, gawking. Well yesterday, they got the pleasure of seeing a brand new car in the driveway. I am sure some rumors will swirl around about this now.

So okay, here's the deal: I earned what I have. And to the people who want to begrudge me of what I have or will have, I will say this: While you were sitting on your ass, complaining about the life you have or do not have, I was working myself into a stupor in order to change my life. If you want to tell your children to be mean and cruel to my child because he goes to school in brand new Jordans instead of the buddies from the dollar store, then you need to realize something. Every designer label my son wears is backed up by hours of my time: Hours studying, hours worrying about licensure and credentials and improving my status in life, and hours at a job in which I am responsible for the lives of others. If you want to stalk my house and stare at us while we are just trying to live our lives, I am going to stop looking at that as a negative and see it as a compliment. I worked for it.

So this little clip from Katt Williams, taken from American Hustle, while totally hilarious, actually has quite a bit of truth to it. Preach!

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