Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tooth, Troops, and the Principal

It has been a crazy day here in this house. It all started with John. He woke of with a face that was swollen beyond fathom. He was drooling a little bit, also. Apparenly, he has a disordered tooth, but we had no dentist. So after a few phone calls, he was in the car and on the way to get the problem diagnosed. What I did not expect was for him to return with a treatment plan and estimate of over $800. But we have insurance! What is this about? Well, he has to have a root canal, and a crown, and that is the portion insurance will not pay. I called and took care of the arrangements. I was not pleased when she labeled me the "responsible party". Blah! Adulthood is not fun, children. I got the most expensive insurance plan at work with the highest rate of coverage because we are sure that my son will need orthodontia in the future. I had no idea my husband would be so expensive as well.
Then, while cruising one of my favorite websites, I found something that broke my heart. It would seem that there are 4 Marines that we know of who have received nothing from home since being deployed to Iraq. Excuse me? No "I Love You" letter? No "Come Home Safely" letter? Well, I took care of it. I sent them all letters through Moto Mail. I will work on care packages while off work this week.
Now for the principal. It would seem that my son got sent to the office for the second time this week. I do not know what to do with him. He cannot fathom that school is not playtime, and keeps talking to his friends. Grrrr.

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