Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still in Hell, But I Have Friends Here

Yes, we are packing. I have today and tomorrow morning to get as much done as possible, as I work all weekend. Evan loves playing with the boxes, which is not fun for me, as we are limited as it is. As of right now, neither of us are dressed (i.e. we are in the clothes we slept in, not that we are running around naked). Makeup and styled hair are not options for me at the moment. Who has time? I have just completed gutting out the storage area by the washer and dryer and have come up with a carload of crap to take to Goodwill. Along with this mix of crap were all sorts of clothing articles that I could not part with, and they have landed in the dirty laundry, to washed and taken to the new place. It would seem that D-Day is next Wednesday, so the plan is to get as much done by then that I can just load it and move it. John is of minimal help in this stage of the game. He just does not have the organizational skills to do this. If he were to pack, I would be unpacking at the new place only to find silverware mixed with Evan's outgrown clothes, mixed with DVD's and power tools. Since I am not taking time off of work for this, I have to be able to locate the essentials, so I can unpack them first, then move on to the other stuff. This is why the husband has been eliminated from this stage. When it comes to moving the crap, his muscles will come into play.

In the meantime, the house resembles a Crack House (as if I have ever set foot in one of those), and I keep stubbing toes on boxes.
Note: This break was brought to you by Marlboro and Diet Mountain Dew. Now, back to work!

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